NZ Vs SL 1st ODI N Other Match Prediction

Sri Lanka v New Zealand

NZ vs Sl 1st ODI prediction is quite typical because everything is looking matching yet there is the presence of digit reversal which generally leads to defeat. On last occasion, new zealand draw test with India by overcoming the digit reversal. And it didn’t clarify the concept because the 300 runs by brendon mcullum was most probably fixed.

Age wise, mcullum is in his ordinary age. On the other hand, angelo mathews is passing through powerful age 28. On this basis sri lanka vs new zealand ODI 2015 series seems to be on sided, tilted in favor of SL.

NZ vs SL prediction has been baffling in the past too because of the change to ‘blue jersey’ in the new zealand team. Whenever such types of assistence has been provided by any numerologist to cricket teams, team owners and cricketers, what follows is heavy dose match fixing and un-natural wins. Like yesterday, Chris Gayle was batting with jersey number 45 on, most probably provided by a numerologist. And fans witnessed his fake innings.

Coming back to nz vs sl 1st ODI prediction, the analysis is still on.

1st ODI- NZ

The date has matrix total 22, which could be unstable. And with sunday, it is forming 23. The new zealand team name and HH captain bailey birth destiny has components which dramatically changes to 23..[otherwise, his dob 7 is matching with date 11 and total 22, both. Plus, his birth month sept..means 5 which works well with sun].

76= 23     73=23

26 = 73    16- 32 pair

the ’23’ is appearing double times in each case, with twists n turns. It might create ‘0’ or 9. While 9 is not bad, zero is defeat..

And another twist is that master number don’t mind digit reversal.. at times.

2nd ODI- SL

thursday represnt 3 which is not good for number 6. NZ team name adds to 42 i.e.

3rd ODI- NZ

there are chance of formation of 45, then sri lanka might win..

4th ODI- NZ

Possible scores- 253, 231

5th ODI- NZ

of the many complex changes [if it change at all], a 42 /6 is seen….which is weak for nz…


6th ODI- NZ

It is quite interesting that original matrix plus sun = 42 which is exactly nz team name numerological value. It might be pure foolishness to go against this.

And if the 4 section get modified into 5, we get- 35/16.  While this 87 resembles mcullum’s destiny 37 indicating his win…..

in case, the things shape up in 78 pattern… then SL might get win chance..  Anyways, 35 or 8 [if it gets developed] kills sun or 1 [mcullum’s destiny 1].

general guess scores-

402, 248, 166, 259,

Match fixing too can’t be denied besides the high level of numerological accuracy. The score and target shaped out of the pattern hinted by us…And it took the form of 37.

But, number 35 clearly hints at criminal acts, match fixing …the first wicket mcullum itself was fake.

7th ODI- SL

The matrix might turn clockwise, creating 23/9 = 32 and 35 with thu.  NZ team name parts 16 pairs with 32 and the other part 26 with 73. So, almost double 32…..attractive score..

the 32 or 5 seems to be getting killed in the 35 or 8 formation. Hence, just a possibility that sl might fight back…otherwise, everything nz…………..