Tri Series India Australia England Prediction

India vs australia vs england tri series 2015 begins tomorrow morning. This will be almost like practice match before the main cricket event of 2015- world cup. Intelligent teams would not exaust all their secret weapons before the main battle, but yes, some teams like australia believe in using full potential everytime and a win everytime.

Tri series results prediction could as simple as abcd, because the beginning date 16 is of the nature 7, and it is matching accurately with Indian cricket team captain M S Dhoni first. His birth date falls on July 7. Cheiro system of numerology suggests that it is a strong matching, which is a good point in Indian team’s favor. Matching dates results in series win.

But yes, even the other two captains – Michael Clarke and Eon Morgan’s birth numerology is falling under similar 2 series. Clarke’s birth date is 2, Morgan’s destiny number is 34 [again a 7].

There is the bad number 38 present in the beginning date, which is not a good thing. This number brings in evil fate. In test matches, it might result in a draw if 38 is present in the prominent stats.

Tri series matrix-


16 = 32

England could win?

We should forget that year 2015 adds to number 8? England team value too adds to 26 = 8. But, when we carefully look at 2015, it is of the form-

15  =  2 0 6

When there is a zero alongwith our exact numbers, it indicates defeat/weakness.

If there were not a gap of 18 between morgan’s destiny 34 and tomorrow 16, the blinder of a prediction would be that england will win the tri series because the finale date matrix with sun is creating 13, matching for 26 [england team name numerological value= 26]. And also, beginning date matrix 32 is carrying a 67.. Besides this ‘deficit by 18’ factor, morgan’ dob 10 expands to 28, which is in reverse order to 32 [reverse order gives defeat].

India jersey color change and its possible effect on tri series prediction

A fresh news related with this tri series- Indian cricket team jersey color has been changed to sky blue now. Lighter shades works better as per numerology, hence this new jersey color…changed from old deep blue.

 tri series results prediction

Who will win this tri series 2015? prediction?

If on the finale date, the score/target comes in 22 0 format, India could beat australia.

1st ODI- Aus

probable scores- 259, 261, 304


david warner's century highlights- numericalAustralian cricketer David warner’s century today results in aussies’s victory. In  how  many balls did made century? Isn’t it the victory of numerology, today’s matrix    total is 32 and david warner hits 12 7 runs, few runs beyond the century too. 7 is considered as 2 in matrix method. So, it resembles 12 2 or 32.



2nd ODI Ind vs Aus prediction – Aus

as we can see, the date plus destiny plus sunday is adding to unstable 37, which could become 32 and lessen the whole equation by 5, creating a virtual matrix total 31. It matches well Ind’ independence date’s destiny 35. There is the risk of 53, reverse order number….

But yes, the score should not come in pure 5  [without zero].  5, without a zero, not great for Ind…

Possible scores- 268,

tri series result ind vs ausPost match result analysis- Why is the cricket team carrying the burden of weak players like rohit sharma, virat kohli, shami, Axar, ….in fact many more who thrive only when the match is fixed? Previous generation, Sachin, Kapil, Kumble, Srinath, had ‘natural’ talent. The selectors should search for natural talents before our team is completely devastated like bollywood.

Number 18 represents zero and today’s date/destiny, both are 18. The same got reflected in today’ prediction based on live hints. The first and 2nd wicket run n ball pattern came in 25 and 35 respectively. Bailey’s birth date plus destiny total 43 [and 53 too] were exactly ’18’ higher than the wicket patterns. Same thing in both pattern represents victory.  Moreso because, India’ destiny number 35 were present only in the 2nd pattern [2nd wkt hints at losing team].

3rd ODI Ind vs eng – Eng

tri series ind vs eng resultUpdate– Quite a shameless act by Indian cricket team,..thats why didn’t bother to update. Otherwise, 1st wkt in 15 had hinted at the defeat because it was less by 18 than dhoni’ destiny. Flop cricketers and heroic 34 or 44 is not India expecting from this ‘crore fed’ team….We can’t hide the in-capabilities behind ‘not lucky age’ factor..

most of the problems related with ‘zero’ in tomorrow’ date 20 seems to get solved with the merger of 9 [teu] into it… 29  is less bad for 2, and it represents 7 too….

The prime pick [main point], which I had seen yesterday itself, was that today’s matrix total adds to 31 which resembles 13. And number 13 hints at a 26. The hurdle of reversed digit was getting vanished because destiny 11 can turn anytime…..

the same got reflected in both the match scores, 276  and 153 

4th ODI Eng vs aus- AUS

If the matrix total were not in unstable number 37, most of the things are favorable for Eoin morgan… his birth date, which expands to 28…is perfectly matching with tomorrow’s destiny 14…and date 23 too…

the 37 has the potential to become 62. And plus fri i.e. 6 might make the score 68 like.

The matrix might stabilize  in the form of 18/14

possible scores- 185, 325, 305

steve smith's first century highlightsThe success/failure rule of matrix method. Today’s matrix total [date plus destiny] was 37 and both the captains, mcullum and smith, are having a 37 in their birth numerology. And both the teams won today..Steve Smith hit debut century in his first ODI as a captain.



5th ODI Aus vs Ind- IND

The original matrix, which has bailey’s birth-destiny total 43, has tendency to twist as the matrix modify to 22/16…  But again, this number too has the effect of 52…

possible scores- 205, 159,

Hmmm, simple things first… the modified matrix adds to number 38. This number often creates draws or match abandonment. And it happened today too.

In case, the dhoni brigade had planned for yet another defeat in lieu for money, this draw points saved Ind’s pride at least on its republic day.

Yesterday itself, I had sensed this 22/16 = 42  [punjab’ and ranchi’s] for hockey matches to be played today. Also, the 43= 53 delhi couldn’t be neglected and hence had kept the draw option too. In fact, the draw turned correct…

6th ODI- ENG

Date, destiny and fri are all in number 3-6-9 series. Why should Ind have problems winning it? There is the ‘zero’ which represents defeat.

Possible scores- 211, 291, 303,

As hinted, score came 201 [291=201]. And it is interesting that the 1st wkt came in 2 n 11 pattern, which represents 4, and subsequently a 5. But, where did it vanish from score/target? Some kind tampering with score/target can’t be denied.

tri series results ind vs eng jan 30It’s better to celebrate early because life doesn’t provide repeated chances in future. One of the shameless player from our Indian cricket team celebrating wicket fall.


Tri- Series Final match

Eng vs Aus – Aus

The blinder of a prediction showed effect, the 13-26 pair pulled England towards tri series finale match. These things are generally powerful hints for prediction purpose [unless, match fixing settles some other result]

most of the complexities are seem to be getting correct when matrix turn clockwise..10/11 =21. And 21=25


11 = 21 = 25 plus sun = 26

Possible scores- 251, 262, 282, 278

Score, though adds to england’s number 8, has the unstable 7 and the wkt 8 too….,  278/8 = 27 plus 16= bailey’s birth plus destiny 43. As hinted, 21=25 really showed effect….

tri-series-final-highlightsIn the beginning itself, had hinted that England captain Morgan’ dob 10 expands to 28, which is in reverse order to 32 [reverse order gives defeat].