Delhi Election Results Predictions

Whatever the popular tv news channel exit polls might make predictions for the delhi election results, the numerological version of election results prediction too point accurate things.

Delhi election date analysis-

Election date is 7 which is not a stable number in itself. It changes to 2 sometimes. And the destiny number is 17 [modified]. So, the modified matrix is like this –

12 = 20 plus 8 = 28

The main deciding factor seems to be this number 28. It matches with 14 and 23. And averse to reversed digit numbers.

More on it

When there are 8 and 9 both present, as opposed to simple maths, it becomes 18. So, the 28 could become 29. But then, it would trigger more modifications. Further we get,


12 = 25

Interesting facts related with name values of the political parties-

AAP = 10

Number 10 expands to 28.

BJP = 11

This is an interesting fact that 25 resembles 10, and next only 11.  [modified]





Predictions for election results Kejriwal-

delhi election prediction Arvind Kejriwal

Election date is 7 and Arvind Kejriwal’s birth date is 16. Seems like he might have to be satisfied with 24 [or 33] seats. Many might have felt his age 46 was great. But, now age 47 has the feel of 52..


Predictions for election results Kiran Bedi-

delhi election prediction kiran bedi

Her running age is powerful 66, what more to say! Her destiny 38 and birth date 9 are matching with election date 7 and destiny 18, respectively. Could garner 30-39 seats.

Predictions for election results Ajay Makan-

delhi election prediction Ajay makan

Is everything bad about Ajay Makan’s numerology in relation to this election? His birth date is 12, and running age 52 is its ‘half wicked’ pair. Generally, this kind of pairing gives lucky results. 10-14 seats.


The 32 -28 strangle effect?

As you might have noticed, the double 7 might lead to any of the three effects, and in each of them, there is the 32 and 28, both present. It generally strangles the luck of persons who have one of these numbers in their birth numerology.

Third effect and Kejriwal’s Seat count

The 77 has multiple effect, when we play with its third version, we hit upon the numerology of kejriwal-almost exact. This might have bearing on the seat count, someway [I tried hard, but didn’t reach the number].

The 77 turns into 22. And now, the total adds to 14. If we treat it as 15, we get –


12 =15 plus 8=23

And you won’t believe it, the whole pattern is present in kejriwal’s birth date and destiny matrix when we apply 96=15, 95=14, 39=12 and 13=35.

And the numbers are un arranged, when we try to arrange it in the election date matrix pattern, shifting a ’27’ , multiple times, is making it arranged.    And one of the final numbers- 41.

Post analysis- The 27 and the 23, few simple modifications on them. 72 minus 5 = 67 [AAP seat count].

When we take the 6 and sat elecments from Kejriwal’s birth destiny pattern- 53 and 69, we get 53 plus 15 = 68. And the deduction of 1 because it was actually 14.

And the same result from one more technique… 27 has three 9s. One goes on 23 to make it 32. And the other two, based on traveler 9 concept, changes 32 into 67!

Delhi election results date numerology

If we analyze it without the teu factor, the date and destiny is subject to matrix reversal, creating pattern exactly equal to Arvind Kejriwal’s birth date/destiny numbers. The date 10, destiny 11 reverses to 11/10. And the 10, when expands to 28-


28 = 39

Kejriwal’s destiny number is exact 39, and this kind of exact matching represents special things.

AAP unlucky for Kejriwal!

But, Aam aadmi party, adding to the safe hands? His destiny is 3, might always find it hard to handle and succeed with AAP because number name in 6 is the worst enemy of number 3.

Can we expect a long term rule this time?

NO. It doesn’t seem so because there are too many changing numbers. This leads to unstable governance. You can note that there is an ’83’ pattern..or even a ’43’. Former resembles Kiran bedi’s destiny number 38, but doesn’t represent good/happy things.

The second pattern [based on 9 plus 8=0] is giving lucky 43. And supports Kejriwal. It is hinting at 44 seats as well. The second pattern is too much creative, will it be true?