New Zealand v Pakistan Prediction

New Zealand v Pakistan Prediction

New Zealand v Pakistan matches begin tomorrow, it would obviously highly thrilling experience. Prediction for new zealand vs pakistan match based on numerology follows.

Beginning date matrix is subject to reversal, creating the new pattern 33/11 or 62. When we visualize the 9 traveling through it, we see the pattern 37   [with or without zero?]. New Zealand team captain Brendon Mcullum’s destiny number [full birth date total] is exactly 37. Seems like New Zealand vs Pakistan will result in NZ winning the ODI series.

Pak vs NZ ODI match prediction

1st ODI- NZ

The matrix has the 44… it could change to 45 or 55. In case of 55, it is like extra 1 plus 10 added to date/destiny 31/13, making it 32/23 and turning it to 33/22.

Double 32 reminds us of nz team name parts 16 [32] and 26 [73]. Simple double 32 is seen in scores like 232 or 323. And interestingly, it adds to 7 [pak are 7].

But, the 33/22 could create a different affect, not creating 7. What effect then? It is quite hard to attempt….

Score prediction- 254,

2nd ODI- NZ

Teu and 16 [=32] are common between Misbah and Mcullum. While, 16 =32 is present in direct order in Mcullum’s destiny, Misbah’ birth date 28 represent 23…reverse order to 32. This gives defeat/weakness.

2nd wkt in 12 runs 13 balls pattern?

It is interesting that when turned clockwise, matrix is representing 34 0. Pak’s destiny is 34. Here, 35 might form a shield, taking the zero from 34. These are just creative ideas….

Possible score- 233, 261,