India Vs Pakistan Prediction For Feb 15

India vs Pakistan feb 15 prediction

World cup match Ind vs pak prediction, to be held on Feb 15, is creating a lot of buzz as to who will win? World cup history and records says that Pak has faced defeat against India every time in a world cup match. This time too, this might repeat.

The added total of the match date [ind vs pak feb 15] is number 16. This number has special pairing with number 32 and 82. Anything in reverse digit order might give defeat, and Pakistan team captain Misbah’s birth date is in reverse order, it is 28. So, prediction for feb 15 match based on this favors Ind…..

If Shahid Afridi is the captain for that specific match, most of the problems for Pak would solve, they can win.

New update-

It is possible that the matrix might turn clockwise, and after various modification, we get a 14/11 = 25 pattern. But, Sunday is forming 26 and killing the 7.

It is possible that score could be 26, target 27 or similar forms… The 26 generates 13 too…

Live update-

1st wkt in 15 -20 pattern= 35….reminds us of zero, and the traveler 9….62=73..or 37.

[the score really came in this pattern 300/7] As hinted weeks ahead, 16 creates 32/37 which is in revere order to Misbah’s birth date 28 [which resembles 23]


Anyways, Pak is in its 68th year of Independence [which is perfectly matching it date Aug 14] might have some special items to deliver, in this world cup.

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Astro hint– In case the 2nd batting begins at scheduled time 1-15 pm, the second batting seems to be more weak because the ascendent lord Mars’s antiscion is falling on 7th/enemy house. This gives defeat.


In the astrological chart of the Pak vs Ind match, the first batting ascendant lord is Jupiter (9 am). And the second batting ascendant lord is mars. When the first batting would be beginning, the second lord Mars is sitting on the first lagna cusp.

Sitting of opponent on the cusp means that the opponent (i.e. the bowling side) will control the batting side’s run flow. Thats why it seems, the score will be on the lower side.

But, interestingly, the second batting lagna is more weak. During 1-15 pm, the second lord Mars’ antiscion degrees is falling directly inside the 7th house. This gives defeat.

Based on this point, it seems that the team batting first might win.