Prediction For Shamitabh

prediction for shamitabh

Amitabh Bachchan’s new film Shamitabh would be releasing tomorrow, i.e. Feb 6. What is the prediction for Shamitabh movie based on numerology?

Year 2015 is like 206, means a bit weak for 26. And ‘Shamitabh’ title is adding to same number 26. We will talk about its release date, analyzed in a special manner-

The matrix, when turned and 50 deducted, is giving us number 26 [matching the film title numerology]. Here, we see a ‘zero’ too which is not good. The modified date/destiny pattern for Shamitabh is like this-


16 = 26 plus 6 [fri] = 32

Actor Dhanush’s birth date is 28, which is equal to 10 and 23. While a 10 is present in correct format, numbers 16 and 32 are in reverse order- this creates weakness/lesser results.

One thing is that, generally, date affected by 8 creates downtrends in monetary levels [like share market]… BUT, when there is a ‘zero’, it creates huge/high level of income line.

Overall, it appears to be mixed affair, some elements great, some severely bad. Anyways, Amitabh’s make up in Shamitabh is looking top class, his beard and all that. Akshara is looking dumb, Dhanush cute.

It is interesting that, like every year, Jan releases had been subjected to bad numerology. And this year too. None of the films were destined to such a fate, provided good numerology were used in their release date and movie title numerology.

Our work is not restricted to writing movie predictions. It is not like that I keep on doing this for 2015 bollywood release, one by one. If the filmmakers really love the audience, care for them, they should seriously contact us and know the correct numerology tips for the upcoming film’s success.

Stay tuned to know the predictions for Badlapur and other films. And don’t wait to read the predictions, contact us beforehand and improve your film’s success chances. Whats the use in just knowing that you are dieing this fri?