World Cup Warm Up Match Prediction

World Cup Warm Up Match Prediction

World Cup Warm Up Match Prediction-

Feb 8- Ind vs Aus

Feb 9-

the 99 portion in the matrix has the effect of ‘zero’. So, the overall pattern, incl mon= 12.

South Africa Vs Sri lanka

England vs West Indies

New Zealand vs Zimbabwe

Pakistan vs Bangladesh

Feb 10 match warm up

The 0 and 9 sometimes create an 8, so, things might feel different if that happens. The good thing is, today’s matrix is reversible, and so is the mamsen’s birth destiny pattern….

India v Afghanistan

Ireland V Scotland

Feb 11 match

subject to matrix reversal and 21-25 things, it seems so. So, basically, it is like 72 pattern. Both, 26 as well as 28 are near it.

New zealand vs south africa

england vs pakistan

sri lanka vs zimbabwe

australia vs UAE

Jan 12 warm up-

scotland v west indies

Ireland v bangladesh

Jan 13 warm up

Interestingly, one of the modified pattern adds to 54. This might create the effect of 12 0 or 30 [doubling rule on 54 n fri]. And it is similar to UAE tauhir’s birth destiny… [with gaps of 9].

Afghan vs UAE

The target came 309, anti- tauhir. And this is warning bells for Roy too because Ranbir kapoor’s full birth date adds to exact 39 and the zero creates defeat/weakness.

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