Mallika Sherawat Dirty Politics Mar 6 Release Bad!

dirty politics changed release date

Mallika Sherawat, with double sexiness, will appear in the upcoming hindi film Dirty Politics. Release date changed to mar 6, 2015 is quite alarming because it is not numerologically good.

Dirty Politics film title numerology is good, it is adding number 42 [but yes, filled with p and t, not great]. Its changed release date is disturbing me, mar 6 numerology is like this-


17     the 17 turns into 12, creating the downfall and unpopularity number 63. Film release date must never be in such defective pattern.

Mallika Sherawat’s boobs show is quite refreshening, such attempts by other actresses in the recent times have been just dull. Dirty politics release date, changed to mar 6, is not great.

Dear directors and film makers, I am reminding you again, always check the numerology of your film title and release date before finalizing or changing it. Mallika sherawat in Dirty politics could have been better with perfect numerology.