Pakistan V West Indies Astro Prediction

pakistan v west indies Astrology

World Cup Match Pakistan V West Indies Astrology Prediction

Feb 21 will witness the Pakistan V West Indies clash in the ongoing cricket world cup series. In the previous match, Pak V Ind, the former had faced a massive defeat again the team India blue. Who will win this match, what are the astrology and numerology predictions for Pakistan V West Indies match?

Numerology predictions-

Notice the Pak V WI match date Feb 21, 2015, when we calculate the ‘three values’ from the date [date, date plus month plus year total, the total of the two], we get this pattern-


13 =34

Pakistan’s Independence complete date date, 14/08/1947, total adds to exact 34. General rules suggest clean success. But, this is a matter of competition between two teams.

West Indies team’s numerological value adds to 37. This number has a strong matching with 34 and also with 87 [Saturday=8, and 34=7].

But in this original pattern, Misbah ul Haq’s destiny number 36 is finding a reversed order pair 21. Reversal gives defeat or creates weakness.

Matrix might reverse, Vanish Misbah’s weakness

The matrix has duplicate numbers in reverse order. This condition could lead to re-grouping of the entire pattern, creating-

23= 34

And in this pattern, that slight defect for Misbah seems to be vanishing. The might end here, giving success to Pakistan. Or might be subjected to ‘78’ effect too.

The ‘78’ effect

Matrix total, when reversal has taken place, would take the number 25 pattern [11/23]. And with Saturday [=8], this is creating number 78 effect.

The seven portion tends to become 2, thereby decreasing the whole pattern by 50. Since nothing so large can be deducted from an eight, the operation would be carried out on 25. And the residue figure would be negative 28, matching with in reverse order with Misbah’s birth date as well as Pakistan’s 14. Reversal gives defeat.

Guess Scorecard Pakistan V West Indies match- 253, 232, 298, 217

The Saturday Effect

The non numerical effect of sat is to kill the matching numbers. Here, it is killing 34?

Astro prediction Pak V WI match-

1st batting begin on Gulikya kaalam which is a major defect. But, Jupiter antiscion is falling on the other part at exact degrees. Seems like this might moderate the defect. 2nd batting beginning time [7-45 pm] has Pluto very near its ascendant cusp. This, generally, leads to defeat.

Generally, it is the former which is a more severe defect. Jupiter antscion might reverse it, lead to success. Not a surety though.

So, the numerologist feels that Pak could win only on conditional points. And astrology is hint at 2nd batting team failure, provided 2nd batting begins on exact time.

Post match analysis

Target came in the format 311= 270 plus 41 which speaks itself everything. The number came in reverse order.