West Indies V Zimbabwe Match: Numerological Preview

West Indies V Zimbabwe world cup: Result Score Prediction

In tomorrow’s West Indies V Zimbabwe match, we find special cute concepts and tricks of numerology. Besides that, world cup astrology hint too for the match. Lets take a look at the important figures.

The match date Feb 24, 2015 gives us three values, the date 24, complete date total 16, the total of the previous two 40. And the matrix pattern would be like this-

16= 40 9 =49

The prime pick in this pattern seems to be the numbers, 26 and 0.

Notice the diagonal pattern-

14= 40

Tricks [maths] related with 26

A zero equals an 18, the double nines changes the digit values of a number to its minus values. Means, the two nines would go to ‘2’ and ‘6’ and turn them into ‘-2’ and ‘-6’. And finally, 7 and 3.

Seven equals nine plus 2. So, the 73 has the hidden form like this- 923. And interestingly, 23 plus 9 equals 32. Zimbabwe Captain Chigumbura’s birth date is 14 and complete birth date total equals 32. Both of these numbers are present in the match date pattern as explained above.

26 creates 13. This is an important concept in numerology, plays a key role in predictions. When we re-write the whole diagonal pattern changing 26 to 13, we get the exact destiny number of West Indies team captain Jason Holder [even his birth date is 5, matching 14]. And the adjustment of zero [of 40] on 13-


The reverse digit effect

As you can see, numbers of both the team captains are appearing so accurately in the match matrix pattern. The ultimate result rest solely on the digit reversal. We have tried to take care of nines, but not perfectly. Like 73 has been assumed to be 32, but in its original form it is in reverse order to Chigumbura’s destiny 32. And reversal creates weakness/defeat. In the second case too, there are gaps of nine. Holder’s birth date is 5, but the pattern has a 14.  Tuesday too. But these would get added or deducted someways.

world cup Astrology - west indies vs zimbabwe today

The 46, but with Tuesday

Elton Chigumbura’s birth date 14 plus destiny 32 add to exact 46 [That’s the sole reason why I selected Zimbabwe in the world cup matches prediction list in the other article, no other point supports Zim].

And the Tuesday [=9] makes the matter weak, could weaken 46 and Chigumbura [Zimbabwe team] to any extent.

Numerology Forecast for Feb 24 match- most probably WI, their defeat also possible based on direct order numbers.

Astrology hint for West Indies V Zimbabwe world cup

2nd batting [1-15] begins on the Gulikya timing which is considered as a major defect.

Score based pattern-

The score came 372/2. When we look at the pattern from right to left, we get the destiny number of Holder, 27 and his matrix total 32-

27 ..32

Post match analysis-

Zimbabwe lost the match by 73 runs. Such is the accuracy of numerology science.

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