West Indies V South Africa Prediction

West Indies V South Africa Prediction

Hope you are enjoying the most accurate prediction for world cup to be found over the net. Who will win Feb 27 match West Indies V South Africa? What does numerology and astrology suggest?

See, once again the important number 52 has come into play like in the Afghanistan v Scotland match in which cheating has been suspected. When we casually play with the matrix numbers 46 and 6, we find these interesting points [which might show up in the match, might not]-

At a glance, these points come to our mind-

  • South African captain AB De Villier’s birth date 17 (also equal to 12) and its half pair number 52 is present in the match matrix. And his complete birth date total 32 has its matching in double number 64.
  • There is a 46, means a gap of 18. This could prove as a weakening factor because an eighteen represents an exact zero. And zero creates weakness/defeat. The score will reveal this zero factor. A visible zero or gap of eighteen might weaken SA chances.
  • The forty-six pattern reminds us of simple version 316. And also, 266.
  • Thirty-one is always special because it creates a 35 easily. Then, we get an 86 like pattern. WI team name numerological value 37 resembles 87.
  • Changing the 46 into 56 would create multiple changes, finally creating this pattern-


19= 81 + 6= 87.

  • Here, 18 creates zero too, so, it could be in 60 or 30 like pattern. And by adding 1 (like target), we come back to same thing, a seven (like in the original version, 52).

Except the reverse order 46-64 [AB De villiers’s destiny 32 takes 64], there doesn’t seem to any obstacle for South African team. And the 52 might solve that for him.

Conclusion-If the pattern of the score or target is 43, West Indies could win. Otherwise, South Africa seems to have winning chances (provided, there are no zero in the form unsuitable for them).

Astro hint- 1st batting lagna is conjunct gulikyan. In its plain form, this is serious defect. But, the gulikyan is getting aspect from Jupiter which might lessen the defect/ turn it into goodness. If latter, first batting team might win.