Ireland Could Challenge South Africa?

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Tomorrow is the world cup match South Africa Vs Ireland, who will win? What is the prediction as per astrology or numerology? Will the live score favor Ireland? What are the forecast for mar 3 match?

Well, to put it simple, everything is appearing to be matching for Ireland cricket team captain William Porterfield, but even common sense suggest SA win. So, what I feel is that the matching numbers might show up, but with some major defect like reversal, with zero or in split form [between runs and wickets].

When we turn the matrix clockwise, and carry the traveler 9 operation on 62, we are getting the exact destiny number of William.


43= 53 plus 9=62

62 and 0 = 37.  And there is already a 43, his matrix total.

But, as said, it is almost impossible. What actually might happen is- the score might come in split form, or score/target with zero or reversal, not favoring Ireland.

Last time also, I didn’t expect Ireland win against WI but exact 37 was present in that match matrix. But, there is a wide gap of quality between WI and SA.

Astro hint- 2nd batting begins in gulikya timing- generally major defect.