Scotland Vs Bangladesh Prediction: Second Batting Win Chances

bangladesh vs scotland prediction highlights scorecard

On mar 5th, Bangladesh vs Scotland match will be played. On the basis of numerology analysis, we find only one main point- the 31 encountering with 26 [or 13]. Not only a digit reversal, but there exist a gap of eighteen too which represents a zero. Zero, often, gives defeat. It is Scotland captain Momsen whose complete birth date total is 31, and his team might face defeat because of the above weakness [provided, it shows up in score/target].

We know that gap of eighteen creates weakness, means, when the event date has any main number which is 18 less than the team captain’s birth date or complete birth date total, it gives defeat for his team.

Interestingly, there is yet another simple yet powerful concept which often gives defeat. In fact, more than half a dozen match results of this world cup has been decided exclusively on this concept called digit reversal. Any score/target pattern having values in reverse digit order to the team captain’s birth or related details, it creates weakness/defeat. Like, the team captain birth date is 23, but score has come in 32 pattern, his team will face defeat.

Both the above concepts could combine in few of the number pairs, in such pairs both the defects, reversal and gap of 18, is present at once. Such pairs have already created immense interest among the cricket lovers. For those people who don’t know these pairs, here is the quick presentation, observe and enjoy the double defects visible in them-

13 – 31

46 – 64

35 – 53

The match to be played on mar 5, Scotland vs Bangladesh has a number 26 present in the vertical section of its modified date matrix [the matrix has been modified because the total is adding to 24, it has the unstable four which tends to become five].

16= 18 + 3 = 21

In the above pattern, everything is not lost for Scotland. Yes, Bangladesh captain’s complete birth date total is exact 27 [2/16]. Otherwise, the extra 18 here could change things in favor of Scotland.

The 26 creates a 13 and if it gets the eighteen, it would turn in Momsen’s correct value 31. And no, if the eighteen just provide the twin nines to both the portions of 26, it would turn into 73 favoring his birth date 14. But again, it adds with thu [=3] to form a 13 or 53 only [reverse patterns]. How things will shape, only the score/target pattern will reveal. The simple point 26 points at Scotland’s weakness.

Astrology hint-

Second batting lagna has its lord Jupiter’s antiscion sharply in the 4th house, powerful. Second batting team should win.

Bangladesh Vs Scotland Prediction highlights

  • score got formed with the reverse of hinted pattern 183, it came as 318.

  • first wkt itself fell at 13, highlighting the role of 26. And it was 18 less than Momsen’s 31.

  • target has a 31 but due to 9, the total adds to 13 again.