Cricket: Will Sri Lanka Chase Down Target 377?

Cricket sri lanka australia highlights

Based on the fall of wickets hints, Australia will win today.

There is another popular method of knowing the winner of any match based on live score stats. First batsman getting out details the winning team, second wicket hints at the losing team.

The fow method in today’s Australia Vs Sri Lanka highlights at the win for the former team. The former batting first, Warner got out making 9 runs in 12 balls. When we write it as an equation, we get-

09 + 12= 21

Number 21 pairrs strongly with its half like number 25. Michael Clarke’s complete birth date total is exactly 25. So, the winning chance rests with Australia.

Also, the second wicket fell, Finch got out making 24 runs in 24 balls which represents the eleven pattern resembling Sri Lankan captain Angelo Mathews’s complete birth date total 33. Second wicket hints at loosing team, so, SL might face defeat if the hints work well.