Cricket: England Or Bangladesh In World Cup Quarter Finals?

Cricket england bangladesh quarter finals

In the world cup match to be played on mar 9th, Bangladesh will be desiring to manage one more win somehow and enter the quarter finals. England Or Bangladesh Will Enter World Cup Quarter Finals?

When we calculate the three values for the match date, we get date= 09, complete birth date total= 20, and the total of the two= 29. There are duplicate numbers, so, the pattern will re-group into-

29 = 29 + 2 = 31

Here, the role of numerological values of the team names might also be important. Number thirty one strongly attracts 62, England name add to 26.

Interestingly, when we expand the double zeroes into 36, and then recalculate, we get a 67 which changes to 32, Bangladesh name value is exact 32. And even its captain Mortaza birth date 5 plus complete birth date 27 add to 32.

Live score based prediction-

The first wicket, Imrul Kayles got out making 2 runs in 2 balls, creating a 22. And the unstable 22 tends to stabilize becoming a 23 which is resembling Mortaza’s and Bangladesh number 32.

The second wicket, Tamim Iqbal got out making 2 runs in 7 balls, creating a 27 which is again Mortaza’s complete birth date total. When first and second wicket are related with the same person/team, that team win.

Did you notice that both the pattern has generated from the same 29 plus 2 hint provided yesterday [above].

Post match England vs Bangladesh highlights-

In the prediction post, I had said that today’s original total 31 attracts 26. Here, I tried to override the fact that twenty six needs a 13. The final score made by England unmistakably came in the real mathematical order, they made 260. When we extract a 13 from its twenty six, we get this-

13 plus 0 = 13 + 18 = 31.

The gap of eighteen i.e. A zero was in store for the England team, not for Mortaza’s team! Anyways, it hardly matters much when everything has come so accurately in exact numerical values of Mortaza and England [alas, with a zero]. Stay tuned for more thrills like this.

Year 2015 is like that only- 206 which is anti England. It is unbelievable how this fact got reflected in exact form in England chase score 260!