Cricket: New Zealand Vs West Indies Quarter Finals Result

Brendon McCullum New Zealand Cricket

Today, new zealand vs west indies match prediction is on. Lets hope the world cup result prediction work correct today, and the score too.

In the fourth quarter final, the date pattern, which modifies to the combination of 27 and 8, is highly tricky because it is common to both the captains, Brendon Mcullum as well as Jason Holder. In the hope that the destiny number [complete birth date total] of Mcullum, 37, could control greater range of numbers, we can keep NZ above the WI.

Interestingly, the match date is 21, it takes 25. And the complete date total is 14, it takes 28. The original pattern has duplicate numbers, so, they might regroup in new pattern, harming their matching numbers. The new pattern-

11 / 24

and it changes to 11/25= 11/21…. 11/39.. and somewhere a zero too?

West Indies cricket team captain Jason Holder birth date and complete birth date details 5/27 is like 5/22 has double 25.

Astrology hint-

Again, first batting begins in gulikya kaalam timing which is a dosha. But yes, sun is sharply conjunct the lagna which might save first batting team from defeat, seems so.