Cricket: New Zealand Vs South Africa Semi Final Prediction

semi final dl score

Cricket semi final calculated dl score

Confusions are severe as to which of the two teams, South Africa or New Zealand, will qualify for the final of ICC World Cup 2015. The finale date has a ’42’ like pattern, NZ team name numerological value adds, exactly, to the same number.

See, the semi-final date has this kind of pattern, which has elements matching with AB De Villiers, in its original form-
17 = 41 De Villiers birth date equals 17, his complete birth date total is 32 which resembles 41 or 5. Here, one should not ignore the principle that everything matching but a Saturday or Tuesday, means weakness.The original match date pattern has an unstable number on its right side, observe the vertical 47. It has the tendency to change into a 52, and then the pattern gets filled with duplicate numbers too. And that might flex it into 64 like pattern.25
12 = 37 + 9 = 46New Zealand team captain Brendon Mcullum’s birth date is 27 (Tuesday=9), and his complete birth date total is 37 (there is an exact 37). But, the total of the two adds to 64. There is a gap of ‘eighteen’ between his 64 and the match pattern 46. Eighteen represent zero, gives defeat.

But, as hinted earlier, the pattern might flex because of the duplicity of numbers, turn into 22/15 or 46. And the nine provided by Tuesday might make 55. This might save him and his team, if the mentioned ‘effects’ really take place. In a similar situation, a score 278 was created.

Astrology hints-
First batting team is conjunct Sun, seems powerful. [UPDATED] Second batting new lagna is strongl aspected by jupiter, second batting should win.


1st wkt pattern – 10 runs in 14 balls = 24 plus 18= 42. NZ team name value is exactly equal to 42, winning chances.

Post match – Seemed like AB De Villiers’ team, including him, willingly lost the match to NZ team. Even their fake expressions suggested the same, I think the match should be probed.

Another fishy thing is how did the D/L method par score today came in favor of Brendon Mcullum so accurately, was it planned beforehand? 298 added to 37, his destiny number as hinted yesterday in the prediction. And likewise, his team won. The big question is- were everything genuine?