No Respite For Mumbai Indians Even Today!

rr vs mi news
Rajasthan Royals team’s name value adds to number 40, and today’ date pattern with Tuesday included add to 40. Look here carefully-
17= 31 + 9 (Tuesday) = 40Did you notice the unstable number 47? Generally, it has the tendency to change into 52. And then, forty would obviously crack and vanish. Anything matching with forty would fail.

But, there is an extra 9 in the form of Tuesday. A couple of days ago, it was pointed out that the extra nine would prevent the change of 56 into 43, prevent victory for the IPL Punjab team. Today, the reverse could happen, prevent the 47 from changing, prevent the defeat for RR team.

This might, might not be the complete picture. Just thought, this ‘extra nine’ point needed to be bought to your notice, dear cricket fans, IPL lovers. Why this is not the final picture? It is because number 31 is unstable itself, it creates 35 or else increase to 32 too.