Delhi Daredevils Will Win Today IPL Match

Well, it seems so that DD will win against Punjab in today’s ipl match, tip from the numerology suggests this. Today’s matrix total and wed is creating the 56/65 pattern [because 33 allows right to left]. And interestingly, when both the digits are subtracted from nines, we get 43/34.

Punjab team name, George bailey’s birth date pattern both are 43. DD team name portion DAREDEVILS add to 34. Its difficult to choose the winning team between the two. But yes, extra eighteens might decide the result.

Today’ weekday matrix total is 38 which has a hidden 18, the 58 portion has a hidden 18, and yes, today’s complete date total is 18. Even number of eighteens will shift the win towards DD, this is because their name has an 18 too.