Sunrisers Hyderabad Could Win Today’s IPL Match

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Rajasthan Royals are quite strong team with Steve Smith as its captain, still, today’s match might see Sunrisers hyderabad team as the winners. Here are the details related with today’s ipl match SRH vs RR, score tip too.

Steve Smith’s birth date 2 and complete date total 35 is matching perfectly with today’s date pattern. Generally this indicates win possibility. Here, one can experiment with it because there is an extra ‘9’ in the pattern.

19 = 35 + 3 = 38

Note the extra 9 [in 19], it could increase the 35 to 44. And this equals 55, SRH team name alphabet values add to exact 55. So, this could help SRH win today against Rajasthan. A possibility only.

SRH team are of numerological value 55= 1. This is governed by planet Sun, and Sun has entered Mesha rashi which is its exaltation house.

Here, one has to note that even Steve Smith’s birth date pattern add to 37= 1. Sun will choose which one between the two? Quite funny situation….

What about today’s srh rr score? The tip – huge crash in score…means low score 116?

1st wkt…modified 10-13= 23. Could be 31 too…or else 26

2nd wkt 21-14= 11 -24…= 11-42.. [26/62 pattern]