Pakistan Vs Bangladesh Prediction

pak bang score by prasant

Pakistan cricket team vs Bangladesh cricket team match series has begun, who will win today and other matches? Prasant predicts score and results for Pak vs Bang ODI match.

Azhar Ali is the new team captain for Pakistan. His birth date total is 35, and running age is 31. This is a special success combo. Interestingly, today’s date as well as his 35 has same beejank 8. Generally, this type of matching results in series win. But yes, one can’t be sure with 17.

1st ODI- Bang

2nd ODI- Bang

Astro hint- Sun aspecting second lagna in a special manner, from ucha rashi towards neecha rashi. Successful chase of huge score…

3rd ODI- PAK


T20 pak vs bang-

winner prediction- bang

first batting team might win

165, 147

Pakistan v bangladesh test

1st test- bang