Shraddha Kapoor ABCD 2 By Prasant

Analysis on bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor, done by Prasant, has always been interesting. What is this numerologist’s take on her upcoming film ABCD 2?

Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor starrer ABCD 2 has been pushed to hot news and gossips section by leaking its first poster. What does the numbers say about the success qotient of this sequel movie.

There is one category of movies which are just ‘publicized’ as successful movies, by the film fraternity themselves no matter its quality remains low. And another category of movies are natural hits, they are welcomed, not by facebook or twitter fans, but the real viewers.

ABCD, the first installment of this series, belonged to the ‘publicized’ category, but this movie has Shraddha Kapoor, we can expect it to be good. Is the movie title numerology equally good as the actress?

shraddha kapoor abcd 2 by prasant

Tip on ABCD 2 Shraddha Kapoor, by Prasant-

ABCD 2 adds to 10 plus 2= 12. Number 12 is not great number in itself, yes it belongs to Jupiter which is considered powerful planet.

Here, the best suggestion is to jumble the placements a bit, it would be highly good when the maker would modify and shift the ‘2’ before the ABCD.


This would create the effect of 21, in the easiest manner. And number 21 is really good, it gives heavy success. Just change the spelling, in fact the placement. Best Of luck to Varun Dhawan too, he acts very well.

There is nothing great about the leaked poster, Shraddha is looking 10 times better in the other scenes of the same film than in this photo. The makers should have made something different look for 2 ABCD poster.