Delhi Daredevils Will Win Today IPL Match?

JP duminy ipl 8 today dd vs kkr score prasant

It is a tough call, today prediction KKR vs DD IPL match. The date and full date are creating the pattern 52 which resembles both the team name, DD= 52, KKR= 57.

But, there is a zero, so, it might affect the exact 52 because date 20 could turn into 7 too, less harm for KKR. There are many other intricate logics too. The score kkr dd as well target amounts to just three numbers, but trapping it beforehand, using pen and paper is difficult.

Today’s date 20 and monday=2, might mix together. If you minutely observe it, zero= double nines. So, both the 2s might get a 9 each. Means 29/92 [the split is not to be neglected]. Number 29 could be simple 7, or else 25. So, the modified pattern would become-

20 plus mon            7/7

14 =                           14

Another possibility is that the 34 could turn into 35, then total would increase to unstable number 37. In the presence of the zero, it resembles 62. Its half number is 31 which exactly equals DD captain Duminy’s birth total. Again, should we neglect the fact that there is a split in the 62 or 31?

So, the Prasant score DD vs KKR, borrowing the logics from the above pattern seems like 147, 165 etc.

Numerological highlights-

score came similar to 147/7.  The 77 came in the 6/8 form [means, less by 9]. Target came 147. And KKR score came 147/4  or 52 in split form, especially the 2 portion [as hinted in the morning- there is a zero, bad for 52]..