Chennai’s Winning Chances Today IPL Match

csk vs rcb today ipl score prasant

Today’s destiny number 16 is perfectly matching with Dhoni’s birth date 7. But, today’s matrix total is 38. His destiny number is 33, when we superimpose it over the 38, the match date pattern gets modified. It is again an unstable pattern only which finally stabilize at 11/13= 24.

An extract from our prediction-

CSK name value = 25 + 24 + 14= 63. Though it is a ‘nine’, it has the potential of expanding to 11 due to the presence of 4s.

Number 4, being of unstable nature, could change to 5, thereby creating extra 2 (there is a ‘4’ in 24, and in 14, too). The nine would then become 11, 63 becoming 65.

Only the astro hint, based on new changed timing finalized our prediction Csk win, otherwise, it looked confusing.