Hyderabad Or Kolkata Will Win Today IPL Match?

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Today’s date pattern and wednesday is creating number ‘eleven’ like effect, SRH being in number 1 should be expected to win today’s ipl match. But, another manner of analysis is indicate the opposite result. Read today’s ipl tip Hyderabad vs kolkata, by Prasant.

Today’s date is such that when we add wed =5 to the left side of date 22, we get this new pattern which supports natural match as well as the 17=12 concept. And we are getting the feel of Warner’s birth date 27 too.


16= 88.

The 88, being same from L-R, R-L, there doesn’t seem to be any reverse order defect with 72. BUT, there is a 26 which immediately creates 13. Then, everything change completely, now it is 48.

The match date pattern and Wednesday is creating the ‘eleven’ like effect, multiple times. Generally, SRH and CSK have better control over this eleven.The match date 22 and the total number, including Wednesday= 5, 43 is typically resembling SRH team captain David Warner’s birth pattern. His birth date is 27, complete birth date total is 34.

There is a 43, which is just 9 above 34. And when we add this nine to the match date 22, we get 229= 27. So, things are resembling Warner. Might help SRH win, provided there comes no bad zero.

The score kkr vs srh, using layman’s intelligence, is 142. Even 174 or 160 etc.