Mumbai Indians Might Win Today

ipl score mi vs dd by prasant

Today’s match prediction is complex as it is simple. Mumbai Indians team captain Rohit Sharma’s full birth date total is matching with today’s date, this is a big thing. This kind of matching results in victory.

But, isn’t DD team captain JP Duminy’s birth date 14, too, matching with today date 23? Yes. Then how to trap the real thing? When we shift a ‘9’ from the date 23 towards today’s total 17, we are getting a 26, it supports 13. But, Duminy’s birth date total is 31, gap of eighteen. Weakness.

On the other hand, when we shift a nine from bottom towards date, we are getting 32/08..which has Rohit Sharma’s 32.

The complex thing about today’s prediction, IPL match MI vs DD, is that both the team names are carrying an 18, and the changing 2/7. Either of them could turn into the other if it mix with today’s extra nines. And today’s date has ample of extra nines. It is difficult to arrive at any conclusion. We will have to rely only on the concept of power of destiny number.

The date plus weekday pattern seems to be 43 plus 45. If the 7 expands to 8, 54 operation could turn it into weak 80 pattern. If it is 16, the double would be of the pattern 50.  When there is a 54, it indicates low score or unsuccessful chase or both  [or none too, yes..haha!].