Kolkata V Chennai IPL Match Today

Well, today is the match between CSK V kkr in which greater chance seems to be with the former. But yes, the numerology of the latter is appearing to matching too. Sometimes, it turns out to be just the losing side, though many things resembling.

Gautam Gambhir’ birth date and destiny number matrix is such that, when turned clockwise, and 21=25, we get numbers resembling today’s matrix n teusday 50 plus 9 = 59.

21           25     =   50

54 =        54          18 [or zero]

There is a gap of 9, might/might not harm his chance today.  Even kkr team name 57 and his simple total is 39…    resembles today’s extended total 60 when we carry out double nine maths.

As said, many times it turns out just the losing side, with the resembling effect too showing up in score. No guarantee of win at all….