‘Gabbar Is Back’ Numerological Review By Prasant

gabbar is back full review by prasant

Its high time I presented anything about the film released last Friday, ‘Gabbar Is Back’. It is still not late to present its review for you. The film title had been modified as per our tips sent to Akshay Kumar, yet the new name is not that much satisfactory, nor is its release date.

Gabbar full Review by Prasant

‘Gabbar’ name adds to numerologically weak number 11. This number creates dull/flop contents. Initially, the movie name was simply Gabbar. Then, it was changed to ‘Main Gabbar’ which again had number eleven, two times.

Here, our team stepped in to rescue the movie Akshay Kumar. We contacted him and provided him the key points related with the movie numerology, alongwith the tips for its improvement.

Finally, the numerologist associated with the movie considered it as best to finalize the name ‘Gabbar is Back’ for the film. This new changed title adds to very good number 23, and also the inner combinations are in good wealth numbers 24, 28.

Everything good but Gabbar still remains there, number 11 creates dull/flop story. I am not talking about its box office status but the quality of the film. And yes, one major point which has been missed/neglected by them.

Gap of eighteen- creates weakness

The actor, Akki’s full birth date total is 41. But the final version of the title in 23 is exactly less by 18. Eighteen creates a zero, gives weakness/defeat.

Last time the zero had shown its full fledged effect was in his film Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara. The title added to number 104, the defeat number zero had crept in along with his birth total number!

Number 23 in itself is a powerful number, lets see what finally happens. Don’t get misguided by media reports and sponsored Tv news channel’s ads. The reality remains completely different. My aim was to improve this film in the real terms.