IPL Today: Mumbai V Chennai: First Cut

mumbai vs chennai score ipl today

In today’s IPL first qualifier match, chennai vs mumbai, the patterns created by date could be interesting. It could be mumbai indian’s win, or chennai super kings’s win?

Today’s ipl match date pattern has a diagonal number 29 which often shows the effect of 25 too. And when we, creatively, replace and the re-write today’s date pattern-


23= 38 + 9 = 47.

The diagonals are, itself, creating a 13/25= 47. And even the original pattern is somewhere highly near the same number- 429= 47.

This number represents the number ‘eleven’ effect, and is directly associated with Mumbai Indians‘ team name numerological value 18 + 20 = 38.

Score has come as – 270-83= 187

The Dhoni effect

Today date 19 is also like an 8. And the full date total turns into 32 with teusday. And together, both are adding to 40. Interestingly, csk team captain Dhoni’s birth date 7 plus full birth date total 33= 40.

True but in a muffled manner- 187/6 = 18….76 = 04

So, the game of numbers are typical today.