Mumbai Indians Win IPL 8 Title As Predicted On April 2

mumbai indian win ipl 2015 title

Yesterday was the crucial match, IPL 2015 finale between Chennai and Mumbai, and MI win IPL 8 title as predict by the numerologist on April 2 this year. The beginning date pattern was subject to matrix reversal which created a 28 supporting Rohit Sharma’s full date total 32. Also, the pattern had the feel of ‘eleven’ matching MI team name numerological value 38. There were hints that Mumbai Indians have the ‘Mauka’ to win this year’s IPL title. And it has turned into a reality, though of course not in a clean manner.

On the finale date, April 24, 2015, the live scorecard too confirmed Rohit Sharma’s team win chance. His birth date is 30, born on April [month of nine]. When there is a nine, we can read the numbers in Urdu style, right to left. The first innings, first wicket batsman got out making 0 runs in 3 balls. It was a good hint towards MI win chance.

Certain numbers create their exact half numbers, for 28, it is 14. Mumbai Indians have won the finale by 41 runs which is congruent to Rohit’s full date total 32 too. So things were exact and cute.

As hinted on the prediction date, year 2015 matrix too has the pattern subject to reversal creating a 00/11 matching MI team name numerological value 38. The full date total of IPL 8 beginning date was 20 which expands to 38 [because zero=18]. Things fell in line nicely.

Rohit Sharma, the captain of the Mumbai Indians IPL team, is in his running age 28 which is matching with his 32. This twenty eight gives sudden wealth and success. The whole thing had been ten times thrilling if the whole IPL were clean of match fixings [which it were not].