Cricket – England V New Zealand ODI June Series

england v new zealand prasant score card

Today begins the exciting cricket ODI series between England and New Zealand, led by smart captains, Eoin Morgan and Brendon Mcullum, respectively. While various experts have tagged this series as ‘WC finalist V WC flop’, the number science is suggesting that it won’t be one sided series, England could show their power too.

The current ODI cricket series New Zealand v England begins today June 9. Take it as the ‘congruence’ concept related with number theory of maths or take is as numerology, the science is that the captain whose birth date [or full birth date total] is matching with the series beginning date, wins that series. NZ cricket team captain Brendon Mcullum’s birth date is 27, has the same nine matching with series beginning date 9.

But yes, when we look at the matrix pattern of today, we do find a 41/14 which is strictly matching with England captain Morgan’s birth date 10 [because ten expands to 28, and its half number is 14].

23= 32 + 9= 41

Brendon Mcullum has double advantage, even his full birth date total [birth month and year included] is 37 which resembles 32.

Another interesting number pattern, hidden to naked eyes, and which could have some bearing on the series win results, is the 09/23 pattern. The 39 is like 60 [42 too], so, we are getting this too-


England name, numerological value adds to exact 26 [this doesn’t mean victory, the zeros and the Tuesday are there to help/harm them.] Overall, it seems that England might not loose 5 nil.

NZ Vs Eng results predictions-

1st ODI- Eng

probable scores- 258, 187, 386

Astro hint- 1st batting lagna has its lagna lord mars’s antiscion in 10th house, good chance.

2nd ODI- NZ

probable scores- 256, 187, 295, 363

Astro hint- 1st batting lagna has jupiter in its 10th house, good. 2nd batting lagna aspected by moon in mars rashi…. seems weak.

3rd ODI- NZ

probable scores- 267, 334, 318

astro hint- second batting lagna is mildly aspected by venus, but yes moon’s antiscion falling on 10th house, win chance. [moon in sun’s rashi is a weakening factor, major to mild extend].

4th ODI- Eng

guess scores- 370, 227, 313

astro hint- 1st batting lagna and sun are in partile degrees, could prove good. 2nd batting lagna and maa are in partile degrees, weakness. Still, second lagna powerfully aspected by moon, jupiter, could win.

5th ODI- Eng

guess scores- 94, 373, 235, 278, 352

astro hint- 1st batting lagna aspected by sun, strong. 2nd batting lagna [updated time 10pm] is strongly aspected by lagna lord jupiter and by moon in own house too, so, promising….

Only T20- Eng

guess scores- 142, 200, 110, 153

astro hint- 1st batting lagna aspected by jupiter-venus pair….enemies to each other….weakness.