India Vs Zimbabwe T20 Prediction

1st odi score India Vs Zimbabwe

Today is the 1st ODI Zimbabwe vs India, at Harare, Zimbabwe. Indian cricket team has been revamped, level A batsman like Kohli, Dhoni and many others,  have been replaced with yet another set of weak players. And Ajinkya Rahane has been made the new captain.

Ajinkya rahane’s current age is 28, and his destiny number [complete birth date total] is 37. Seems like somebody has promoted him to encash this opportunity. But, the player and the Indian team are such that nothing works for them. Prediction for India v Zimbabwe-

1st ODI- Zimbabwe

guess scores- 230, 224, 316

1st batting lagna is aspected by own house mercury- strong. 2nd batting lagna aspected by moon and mars- better? 2nd could win…

2nd ODI- India

guess scores-

astro hint- 1st batting lagna in partile degrees with ucha moon. seems good. 2nd batting lagna strongly aspected by moon, mercury…win chance.

3rd ODI- India

guess scores- 281, 251, 240, 300

astro hints- 1st batting lagna begins in gulikya kalam ……major weakness. 2nd batting lagna aspected strongly by moon, mercury…good….weakened by mars too. 2nd might win.

1st t20- Zim

guess scores- 143, 188

astro hint- 1st batting lagna in partile degrees with moon- nice. 2nd batting lagna has mer, mars antiscion on the 7th house – strong…Win chance…..