Pakistan V Sri Lanka T20 Today

pak sl score now

Pakistan cricket team is on the mission of improving their team’ name in the world of cricket. From nowhere, they are showing extra brilliance in batting and bowling, these days. Today begins their ODI matches against Sri Lanka. The lankans were so sharp and destructive in bowling, what has happened to them? Pakistan V Sri Lanka ODI series, prediction says what? What will be the score pak sl?

Pakistan team captain is Azhar Ali, his luck is on sky height because his destiny number is 35, and the current age 31 has come, matching with it.

1st ODI- Pakistan

guess scores- 223,

astro hint- 2nd batting lagna has Jupiter in the 10th house……powerful. win chance.

2nd ODI- Sri Lanka

guess scores- 339

astro hint- 1st batting lagna conjunct sat-weakness, but strongly aspected by venus and jupiter- seems good. 2nd batting lagna has maa in partile degrees. Moon’s antiscion is falling on it- powerful, seems like win chance….

3rd ODI- Pakistan

guess scores- 254, 296

astro hint- 1st batting lagna has moon in the 10th house- powerful.. 2nd batting lagna in partile degrees with venus, strong but aspected by sun too. 1st batting team might win…

tennis star Sania mirza present in the stadium, Whew!

4th ODI- Pak

guess scores- 231, 245

astro hint- 2nd batting lagna has venus in close degrees with the lagna…could prove useful.


5th ODI- SL


Pakistan v Sri Lanka

1st t20- Pak

Pakistan to defeat Sri Lanka today, predicts numerology

guess scores- 178, 142

astro hint-

First batting lagna is Saturn rashi, and has mercury in the 7th house. Mercury is 7 degrees apart from the Sun, so the combust defect will be absent or mild.

Mercury strengthens Saturn’s power manifold in normal times. By this logic first batting seems to have winning chances.

2nd t20- Pak

Sri Lanka’s chance again bleak today

guess scores- 158, 172

astro hint- First batting team is squared by maa today- weakness, other things are nearly similar to the 1st t20. Second batting team might win.