Cricket Scores Are In ‘Whole’ Number Format

Cricket Scores Are In ‘Whole’ Number Format, Demand Number Theory Mathematics, not statistical…    

Prasant Nair

cricket mathematician, India

Cricket Scores/Targets are ‘strictly’ in ‘whole numbers’ format….

543 332

None of the methods developed over the 50 years long span can be termed as ‘scientific’ because…… scores are never in fraction or decimal but in cute ‘whole numbers’ format. So, the model or the formula used for score estimation should never have any such ‘data’ or ‘functions’ which are in or generate fractional or decimal solutions……

That means, the following data/functions, if used, are ‘unscientific’ for cricket scores involving only ‘whole numbers’-

  • Current Run rate method
  • Strike rate
  • Bowling average
  • D/L method
  • VJD method
  • Statistical functions
  • variance
  • standard deviation
  • Bayeasian Sports Model

and any other method/function dealing with fraction or decimal things.

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This is a serious limitation in case of football, tennis, hockey too and several other sports which have the outcomes in ‘whole numbers’ format! Sports need ‘Sportive’ treatment

No fraction, no decimal
Addition based operations
Use only ‘whole number’ data…..

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