Africa T20 Predictions

africa t20 score nowWelcome to live coverage of Predictions for first Africa t20 by Prasant. Among the many domestic t20s being played currently, this one, belonging to South Africa, has been picked by our numerologist for result predictions based on astrology. Today’s tip-

sept 4 – Eastern Province vs Western Province

astrology hint- first batting lagna has lagna lord mars’ antiscion in sextile- nice. second batting lagna has  again, lagna lord in 4th house-strong, second could win.

sept 5- western vs northern

eastern vs zimbabwe

astro hint- except sun, others like moon, venus and mercury favoring first batting lagna. second batting lagna aspected by jupiter- strong. if damage caused by sun to first batting is less, first could win.

sept 6- western province vs zimbabwe XI

astro hint- first batting lagna aspected by venus, nice. but by sun, mars too…seems like weakness. second batting lagna, shani rashi, aspected by mercury, seems like win chance.

eastern vs northern

astro hint- first batting lagna has its lagna lord shani in 10th house, could win.

sept 9- titans vs lions

astro hint- own house mercury in partile degrees with the first batting lagna- powerful. even second batting lagna [5-15 pm] is strongly aspected by moon, jupiter. second batting might win.

sept 11- north east vs KwaZulu

first batting lagna strongly aspected by jupiter- good. second batting seems to be dampened by sun’s antision falling sharply on the lagna..  first batting might win…..

sept 12- boland vs KwaZulu

astro hint- first batting partile aspected by venus- strong. might win.

north west vs border

astro hint- first batting has its lagna lord, shani, in 10th house…good, might win.

boland vs border

astro hint- first batting lagna sharply aspected by sun-moon, good or bad? if good, might win….

sept 13

KwaZulu vs border

first batting lagna partile aspected by mars-moon pair- strong. second batting lagna strongly aspected by mercury. but slightly weakened by sun. Also getting aspect by venus, might save second batting – a possibility….

sept 19

KwaZulu vs eastern province

second batting lagna 2-45 pm, partile aspected by maa-might face defeat.

namibia vs grucland

KwaZulu vs namibia

first batting lagna strongly aspected by venus. second batting lagna connected by moon, first batting might win.

sep 20

eastern vs namibia

guess scores- 113, 157

first batting lagna sharply aspected by sun, mars- weakness. second batting [3-10 pm] is unique…it is partile aspected by moon and venus…seems like near escape from defeat.

northern vs KwaZulu

sep 25

free state vs south

first batting lagna [sun’s ucha rashi] is conjunct sun’s antiscion- powerful. second batting lagna conjunct jupiter’s antiscion…venus rashi…hence weakness? first batting seems better…

sept 26

south west vs gautenberg

second batting lagna has maa in partile degrees, seems like weakness.

guess scores- 133, 147

free state vs kenya

first batting lagna conjunct moon- powerful.

gauteng vs kenya

first batting lagna partile sextile by gulikyan- weakness. second batting lagna conjunct rahu antiscion [but with sun]….weak…..  difficult to choose….. second might nearly escape.

sep 27

kenya vs south west

1 30 pm- first batting lagna sharply aspected by sun seems like defect.

free state vs guteng

first batting lagna is conjunct with lagna lord saturn- seems like powerful. 2nd batting lagna in partile degrees with lagna lord jupiter- good. first might win.

1st semi final

northerns vs kwazulu

first batting lagna squared by gulikyan-weakness. second batting lagna has lagna lord saturn in 10th house- strong. might win.

2nd semi final

kwazulu vs free state

first batting lagna strongly squared by moon, but conjunct ketu…..major weakness.

oct 4  final

northerns vs kwazulu

2nd batting might fall in gulikya kalam timing- bad…..otherwise strongly aspected by venus…….