Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe 3rd ODI Today

pakistan vs zimbabwe t20

Pakistan vs zimbabwe t20 series is almost like a formality, still, it will be thrilling from the side of Shahid Afridi led Pakistan t20 team. Here follows the prediction for today’ 1st t20 match pak zim-

sep 27- pakistan vs zimbabwe t20

astro hint- first batting lagna conjunct gulikyan- severe weakness. even second batting lagna is sextiled by gulikyan- bad. but yes, aspected by own house mercury. second might win.

sep 29

2nd t20- pak

guess scores- 165, 141, 129

astro hint- first batting lagna conjunct lagna lord saturn- good. second batting lagna strongly aspected by lagna lord jupiter……but sun’s antiscion degrees in direct conflict with lagna…. First batting win chance.

Oct 1

1st ODI- Pak

Guess scores- 233

today there are 1, two times…….but Azhar ali has 19, that’s ok. but a 35…..8….which is minus 1…not matching…..seems so.

astro hint- 2nd batting lagna [5-15 pm] conjunct ketu- defeat symptoms.

oct 3

2nd ODI- Zim

astro hint- first batting lagna nicely aspected by mercury, strong.

oct 5

3rd ODI-

astro hint- first batting begins in gulikya kaalam timing- bad……..