Momentum One Day Cup Prediction 2015

momentum one day cup results

What follows are the predictions of the momentum one day cup 2015 to be played in South Africa. Lets enjoy the tips-

oct 9 – titans vs warriors

2nd batting lagna squared by venus- good.

oct 10- lions vs cape cobras

2nd batting lagna conjunct jupiter antiscion- nice.

oct 11- dolphins vs knights

2nd batting lagna strongly aspected by lagna lord jupiter itself- good.

oct 14- dolphins vs warriors

oct 16

Dolphins v Lions

Cape Cobras v Titans

astro hint- same for all matches…

second batting lagna strongly aspected by moon, might win.

oct 18

Cape Cobras v knights

second batting lagna conjunct gulikyan- weakness…

lions vs titans

first batting lagna conjunct moon antision- strong.

oct 19

Titans v Dolphins

astrology hint- first batting lagna conjunct sun’s antision- weak.

oct 23

astro hint [all three matches]- first batting lagna aspected by gulikyan- weakness.

warriors vs lions

cobras vs dolphins

oct 25

cobras vs warriors

first batting lagna shani rashi aspected by mars- defect.

lions vs knights

first batting lagna squared by lagna lord saturn- win chance.