Australia V New Zealand Test Prediction

Australia V New Zealand Test

First test match between Australia and New Zealand begins on November 5, 2015. It is a matter of high interest as to which team will emerge as the winner in this 1st test? Here I present a brief numerological preview, analysis and the prediction.

The match date pattern is like this-

15= 20 + 3= 23

This number ‘23’ had caught my attention, and I couldn’t resist myself from briefing about it to you [cricket lovers].

Australian test team captain Steve Smith’s birth date 2, and his complete birth date total 35 add to number 37. The 7 portion has the tendency to become 2, so it is virtually 32. Highly resembling to the match date 23.

And New Zealand team Captain Brendon Mcullum’s complete birth date total is 37, and his birth date is 27, totaling to 64. Half of this number= 32, and such half-double number pairs cling to each other, favor each other.

The main deterring factor is Thursday. In numerology, Thursday = 3, and this is directly enemy number to 6. NZ team name’ numerological value add to 42 [=6].

New Zealand

16 + 26 = 42.

Since the match date’s complete total [which is known as destiny number in numerology] add to 15 = 6 itself, things are balancing for the NZ. Though not confidently, still one can hope a luck for the NZ team in the 1st test.


Well, something reverse is happening, David Warner’s century and Australia’ total score as yet 389/2 seems too much for NZ.

2nd test- Aus

first batting lagna…mix of good n bad………conjunct moon, but in partile with venus, maa…….

3rd test- NZ