Bangladesh Vs Zimbabwe 2nd t20 Prediction

zimbabwe vs bangladesh match winning result prediction

Both the teams Zimbabwe and Bangladesh are average performers, and most importantly, unpredictable on the bad side. You bet, it will be interesting to know the predictions for this cricket series between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Enjoy the astrology and numerology predictions for the same-

1st ODI

astrology tip- first batting lagna, shani rashi, partile aspected by sun- bad. second batting lagna [4-45 pm] average.

2nd ODI

first batting lagna in sharp degrees with moon, jupiter…nice and favored by sun too? or dampened by sun?

3rd ODI

First batting lagna partile degrees with jupiter and sun. second batting lagna [4-45 pm] weakened by mercury, and strongly aspected by moon, might win.

1st t20- bang

2nd batting lagna [6-10 pm] strongly aspected by moon, venus….the lagna is special rashi for both.

2nd t20

4-30 pm first batting lagna conjunct venus antiscion- nice. second batting lagna [6-15 pm] moon’s ucha rashi……in sharp degrees with moon- may be good.