Pakistan V England 3rd T20 Prediction

pakistan vs england odi

You will find the result prediction for the 1st ODI England vs Pakistan, here. While you can catch up the live score at espn cricinfo site, the score and result predictions for the entire schedule can be explored here.

Azhar Ali is the captain for the Pakistan cricket team, Eoin Morgan for the England cricket team. And the matches are to be played at Dubai- Abu dhabi, Sharjah. The timings- 4-30 pm IST.

Now, coming to our numerological analysis, the series beginning date is nov 11, which is favorable for both the team captains equally, both have their birth dates in number 1 beejank- Azhar Ali- 19=1, Morgan 10= 1.

Series beginning date pattern-


12= 23  + 5 = 28

1st ODI prediction- PAK

Astro hint- first batting lagna aspected by lagna lord mars, good, yet weakened by gulikyan. Second batting lagna [8-45] mercury rashi, sharply aspected by sun, seems win chance.

2nd odi – Eng

astro hint- first batting lagna strongly aspected by venus, and connected by lagna lord mars- good. second batting lagna [8-45 pm] aspected by moon- nice.

3rd ODI- Pak

today in share market, we witnessed ‘swings’……Pak =7….is more like 2 which creates swings, rather than eng=8…..

moon in the 10th house of first batting lagna [generally victory] but gulikyan in close degrees- severe/average weakness.  2nd batting lagna [8-45 pm] moon’s antiscion falling partile on 7th house- may be good. If maa were not in sharp degrees….weakness, second nice..

Post match bites

unexplained under ‘numerology, mainly gulikyan’s dosha [astrology] showed effect [if it was not match fixing].

4th ODI- Eng

match date has a zero, and matrix and weekday pattern 32/6 = 56 might change to 43 because of zero. Morgan’s birth total= 34. Rest depends solely on ‘reversed’ digits…..

astro- second batting lagna too, aspected by venus and moon [like first batting], additionally, getting jupiter’s favor too, might win.


T20 series england vs pakistan

1st t20- Eng

guess scores- 168, 150, 181, 96

first batting lagna, moon’s rashi aspected sharply by sun- may not be good/average. 2nd batting lagna aspected by moon, venus, jupiter……mutually troublesome pairs……since lagna is moon’s rashi……..jupiter may assist instead.

2nd t20- eng

guess scores- 153, 172

first batting lagna has gulikyan’s antision falling in 10th house- bad [slight doubt…mars rashi cancel the dosha?]. 2nd batting lagna has lagna lord moon’s antision falling on lagna- good.

3rd t20 pak vs eng

Guess scores- 124, 165

first batting conjunct lagna lord moon, but sat and sun in partile degrees with moon, bad. 2nd batting lagna [revised time 11-20 pm], sun’s rashi has venus in close degrees- nice but yes gulikyan too weak……