Hong Kong Vs Afghanistan T20

Follow the result predictions for the upcoming t20 tri series Hong kong vs Oman vs Afghanistan. Today begins the series, starting with 1st t20 hong kong vs oman to be played at Abu dhabi. Abu dhabi and U A E immediately reminds us of yesterday’s ODI match Pakistan vs England, and the unexpected flourish of 6s and 4s from both the sides. The tour of United Arab Emirates, Sharjah proved fruitful for England. Year 2015 add to beejank number 8, and their team name’s numerological value too add to same number 26=8. So, Pakistan can find an excuse in that.

hong kong vs oman t20 score and result prediction

The Hong Kong tour of United Arab Emirates would be the best pick for the betting industry and betting sites like bet365.com, betfair etc because of unpredictable rates. While you can buy various paid packages for betting in hong kong tour t20 match, in the meanwhile you can browse through our simple, astrology or numerology based innocent tips related with the possible score and result in each match for this afghanistan oman hong kong tri series.

1st t20- oman vs hong kong t20

astrology- second batting lagna lord shani in 10th house [with maa- weakness], still win chance.

2nd t20 – u a e vs oman t20

first batting lagna may fall in gulikya kaalam timing – then bad. if not, first batting lagna conjunct moon- strong, and partile aspected by venus. second batting lagna getting special aspect from jupiter, and sharply by venus. In both the batting cases, the duos can constructively increase total goodness, or else be mutually destructive.  second seems better.

2nd t20 – hong kong vs oman


maa is afflicting both the batting, more severely the second.


3rd t20- hong kong vs oman

first batting lagna, commonly good for both venus and jupiter…..aspected sharply by both.- good….second batting lagna too aspected by same pair….now it is jupiter’s special full aspect…strong.

nov 28

afghanistan vs hong kong t20

hong kong captain Tanwir Afzal’ birth day 12……has that ratio feel with today’s match date matrix 48, and his complete birth date total 35 with sat=8.

first batting lagna aspected by both, venus and jupiter……weakness yet win chance…….

nov 29

oman vs afghanistan

guess scores- 151

first batting lagna has gulikyan and maa in 4th house- weakness/defeat.

nov 30

2nd t20 oman vs afghanistan

guess scores- 159

second batting lagna in close degrees with gulikyan…..weak….yet…strongly aspected by jupiter- might win…..

NOTE- The guess scores now are not numerology but mathematics based.