Afghanistan Vs Zimbabwe Match Prediction

Afghanistan Vs Zimbabwe live score tip

Cricket prediction online. Find here the prediction for Afghanistan Vs Zimbabwe Match, in play score tip, and result tip, based on numerology, astrology and mathematics. The live cricket score is based mostly on mathematics. Enjoy live tips…….

1st ODI

zimbabwe vs afghanistan

the 57=42 and 48=90- 42 might have some bearing. Today’s pattern has 426……Chigumbura has a 42, 13 [=26]. Today it is in twisted form [seems so], that’s the hope for the afghans.

42 = 24 + 18
57 = 75 – 18
48 = 90 – 42
This might have some bearing on today’s match result.

guess scores- 266, 213

live score tip-

astro hint- first batting lagna lord venus’ antiscion falling on 10th house- good. mars and venus in equal degrees, can be positive [generally, mars creates negative effect]. second batting lagna [8-45 pm] lord moon’s antision falling on lagna- nice, but the moon is combust by sun.

dec 29

2nd ODI- Afghanistan

Asghar’s birth date is directly 22, today’s destiny is 22. Yet, the Tuesday=9 can negate benefits. Chigumbura’s diagonals are 7 and 3, already negative to today’s 2 and 6.

astro hint- first batting lagna squared by jupiter, and moon’s antiscion falling on the lagna [lagna is moon’ ucha rashi]- good.

second batting lagna [updated time 8-30 pm] in partile degrees with the antiscion of lagna lord moon- may be nice.

3rd ODI- Zimbabwe

astro hint- first batting lagna lord mercury conjunct gulikyan- defect. And aspected by mars- this may be bad/ok.  second batting lagna lord moon in sharp degrees with the lagna….and/but conjunct maa-often good pair….sometimes bad.

4th ODI- Zimbabwe

5th ODI- Afghanistan

Azghar Stanzai’s birth date is 22, and destiny 32. Today’s matrix is exact 22, and wed=5….  Why I doubt then? The matrix plus wed=27 which is an unstable number…it can crack down [risky].

guess scores- 152, 256

astro hint- first batting lagna lord sharply aspected by lagna lord mercury…nice, but by mars too- weakness. 2nd batting lagna in sharp degrees with jupiter- may be nice.

1st t20- Afghanistan

chigumbura’s 13 clings on 26, but 42 ? the 66 attracts 24. The common solution seems to be 766.

guess scores – 166, 182

astro hint- first batting lagna aspected by moon- nice, but venu-sat antision in partile degrees to the lagna…may be weakness [or good?]. second batting lagna [updated time 11-25 pm] sharply aspected by moon, mars-nice or avg.

2nd t20- Afghanistan

seems like 50-50 chance…because in the original form…stanzai’ birth date 22 and today’s 22…exact but there is the zero. The second chance is- today’s 21 can become 71 [or 17] and plus sun =9, matching stanzai.

Live- 1st wkt itself in 9……..and that too 54 …stanzai.

guess scores- 144, 189, 210

astro hint- first batting lagna today aspected more by sat, weak, and less by venus- hence seems avg. second batting lagna [11-25 pm] conjunct gulikyan- weak.