New Zealand V Australia ODI Matches Prediction

australia vs new zealand scorecard prediction

Find here the predictions related with result and score for all matches New Zealand V Australia ODI series beginning tomorrow.

1st ODI – NZ

The main factor seems to be 90 – 17= 73. Smith total may better adjust than Mcullum’s because Mcullum 73 and 64 is adjusting with today’s pattern from different angles, not from single one.

guess scores- 231, 267    [or any lower/higher versions]

astro hint- first batting lagna in partile degrees with jupiter….may be strong. second batting lagna aspected by venus- good, but by sun, mars, sat too- avg/weak.

live- first wkt itself 44/29= 73……..and the score is 307.

mathematics- first batting team’s score mod 9= 1, is equal to data one 73 [mod9]= 1. And with wkts =9, data one plus data two=9. So, first batting team’s defense is correct, win chance.


2nd ODI- Aus

guess scores- 235 [325]

astro hint- first batting lagna in sharp degrees with jupiter- strong, mercury-nice, and conjunct partile maa- defect. second batting lagna sharply aspected by mars, sun- defects, and by venus, moon- strong.

Live- mathematics method- today, you will note a remarkable thing……during the NZ innings, all the batsmen’ data are in mutually additive inverse pair……an advantage for first batting team.

3rd ODI- NZ

Data one, plus Data two add to 2 + 1= 3. This is equal to 246 [mod 9] = 3. First batting team’s defense strong  [provided the extra nines doesn’t weaken it].

guess scores- 264  [or higher/lower versions]

NZ…team name parts 16….fitting on today’s 29…in inverted manner…….90-61=29.  Similarly, their 26…too……..with 2 and 08…….90-62=28. That can help aus.

first batting lagna in sharp degrees with venus-mars antiscion- either good, or avg. second batting lagna aspected by same pair, more sharply…….and jupiter too aspecting- nice. But, sun’s partile aspect may weaken things [seems so].

Test series-

1st test NZ vs Aus

only a small thing……smith’s birth pattern 2/35= 7/35= 42. There is a 24 in today’s pattern which is its inverted version, and differ by zero. May create chance for nz.

first batting lagna strongly aspected by lagna lord jupiter- Good. And strangely, aspected by mars, and lagna conjunct venus- weakness.