Pakistan Super League T20 Best Tip

Pakistan Super League best tip

Welcome to the page containing result prediction for all matches of T20 Pakistan Super League beginning today Feb 4, 2016 in Dubai. Pakistan cricket team looks highly attractive in t20 contests though they don’t score high runs. Their bowling is better than batting. Highly ‘unexpected’ things happen at dubai, thats a specialty.

Team names are supposed to matter a lot as per numerology. Soon, you will find the series result tip based on the analysis of teams and squads, birth day of team captains. Find here Pakistan match score as well as match tip for Pakistan t20 all matches, based on various sciences. Few things may be updated live during the match.

feb 4

Pakistan Super League, 1st Match
Islamabad United v Quetta Gladiators
today’s pattern 193…. has a 13, and 93….which matches with Sarfaraz’s birth matrix verticals- 23, 24….  His birth date 22 turning into 77……fits in the bracket of 13.  Will it give him a win? may be….
guess scores- 167
astro hint- both the batting lagnas, first batting and second batting, are affected moon- strong. moon is more closer in second batting.
feb 5
 Karachi Kings v Lahore Qalandars
when we write today’s 21=71, an interesting thing happens…….the pattern becomes 55/16=71. This awakens Azhar Ali’s birth date 19 [90-71=19], and destiny 35 [90-55=35]. But, birth date on total, and destiny on event date……seems inverted/defeat effect….
2nd batting lagna aspected by mars, sun- weakness. [timing changed by 30 mins, hence redundant]
 Peshawar Zalmi v Islamabad United
Mathematically, data one, two………both 2, and target 146=2. First team’s defense strong, win chance.
Afridi’s 22=77 plus 1= 78………..   And Misbah’s birth date also 28=78…….and destiny 36……  Nine and 6 can create 3…..Today’s total is 21=3.  But it can relate with both, Misbah and Afridi….
first batting lagna strongly aspected by moon, good. Sun’s antiscion in partile degrees- may dampen things………
feb 6

Quetta Gladiators v Karachi Kings

today’s turned pattern 67/71 meets Shoaib Mallik’s 23 [90-23=67] and birth date [modified] 91…[90-19=71]……… But…..the 91 is in inverted position- Defeat or else…..weakness…..

astro hint- first batting lagna [5 pm]… sharp degrees with moon’s antiscion-nice, but with the antiscions of venus, sun, sat also- weak. second batting lagna, too, in sharp degrees with moon’s antiscion- nice.


qalandar vs peshawar

azhar ali’s birth date matrix, when read bottom to top……has verticals 59, 31……..And 59=90 – 31. Today’s date plus sat matrix is 31…….   In case it overcomes this inverted effect, rest matching.

first batting lagna in sharp degrees with sun, sat’s antiscion- weak, and venus’ antiscion- nice. second batting lagna in partile degrees with moon antiscion- strong, and gulikyan- may create defect [seems so].


feb 7

islamabad vs karachi

Shoaib Mallik’s birth matrix Diagonals interestingly fit with today’s date matrix vertical 78.  His diagonals 12 = 90 – 78,   and the other…….03= 90 – 87.   Needs too much inversions.

Misbah’s 28……..=90 – 62.    Today, originally…..26 is in inverted form [defeat].  Today matrix can create 81/ sun= 62…..

first batting lagna partile aspected by moon- powerful, but partile affected by sat antiscion, and conjunct gulikyan- major defects. 2nd batting lagna in sharp degrees with moon- nice, and conjunct maa-defect.


Quetta Gladiators v Peshawar Zalmi

Live- inner data……cancelling each other……creating imbalance for first batting team, defense may be weak.


Afridi’s 1/22…….has 12/12…….fitting with today’s 78  [negatively]. Sarfaraz’s birth date, destiny matching directly.

astro hint- first batting lagna strongly affected moon- strong, and by sat’ partile antiscion- weak. second batting lagna in partile degrees with jupiter antiscion- good, and conjunct maa- weak.


feb 8

quetta vs qalandar

guess scores-  178, 194

first batting lagna conjunct gulikyan- weakness. second batting lagna in partile degrees with moon [weak moon] antiscion- avg.


Feb 10

islamabad vs lahore

shane watson’s matrix can total to 68 [turned clockwise]…….and it is related with today’s matrix total 22……….[90-68=22].  For victory, it has to match upwards..21/01=22, or sideways…02/11=13…to avoid zero……

astro hint- second batting lagna [11-10 pm] sharply squared by mercury- good.


feb 12

karachi vs lahore

islamabad vs peshawar


feb 13

lahore vs peshawar

like in the other match, Titans vs dolphins, here also, data one, two not equal to team score=2. But, data three =2, and it is being strengthened further by later batsman’s data=2. first batting team defense correct.

feb 14

quetta vs peshawar

data one plus data two= exact…..40,   so is the target 130 [mod 90] =40.  there are few data strengthening it, and one…[5] weakening it. Lets see….

feb 16

lahore vs quetta

today’s matrix section 68 = 90-22, Sarfaraz’ birth date is 22. Total is 34, his destiny is 34. And today’ matrix with teu= 43…….has the effect of 56 [double 9s], again Sarfaraz’ total is 56….  Most of the things!

only doubt is that today’s 34 and 43 mutually in opposite order, weak?

first batting lagna strongly aspected by partile moon-sat pair- either powerful, or avg. second batting lagna strongly squared by mercury-nice.


feb 17

karachi vs peshawar

first batting lagna sharply aspected by sat, gulikyan- weak.  second batting lagna aspected by mercury, moon- good, sun- may be good/weak.

data has many 9s [data two=9], otherwise data one =8, 152=8….first batting team defense correct. lets see……

lahore vs islamabad

guess scores- 105, 165

first batting lagna sextiled by sat- may be weak. second batting lagna a mix of good, bad.  It is affected by mercury- strong. And moon- nice, but by sun….and gulikyan…[mildly]…


feb 19

qualifier match- peshawar vs quetta

data one =2, data two=6 adding to 8, so is the first team target 134=8. Hence, first team defense correct, win possibility.

afridi’s birth date and destiny are with 9s today, negative version…..may be weakness [seems so]. Sarfaraz 56 and 34 nearly matching today’s pattern, hence, a possibility.

first batting lagna partile aspected by saturn, may be avg. Second batting lagna [11-10 pm] strongly aspected by mercury, but by sun too- mix of good, bad.


feb 20

islamabad vs karachi

Ravi Bopara birth date pattern 4/32= 4/37……..= today’s total 41. But today’ pattern has a zero, how will he overcome it? Zero gives defeat…….

guess scores= [136], 127

first batting lagna strongly aspected by moon, but in sharp degrees with sun antiscion- weak. second batting lagna [11-10 pm] conjunct maa- defective, and aspected by venus, mercury-strong.

feb 21

islamabad vs peshwar

few inverted and split numbers problem for misbah, simple ways….matching.

first batting lagna in sharp degrees with sat, gulikyan- may be bad or else good. second batting lagna aspected by mercury-strong, and conjunct maa- weakness [may be].


feb 23

Islamabad vs Quetta

sarfaraz ahmed’s birth date matrix has 23, and 24.  While 23 is fitting correctly with today……but inverted 24 is fitting with today’ 48……..  [90 – 42= 48].  And there is the split defect too. Seems like weakness.

first batting lagna sextiled by sat, may be mildly weak. 2nd batting lagna [venus rashi] may be weakened by sun, and sharply aspected by mercury, nice. And by moon- sometimes creates problems with venus.

As hinted…the 24 is clipping with 48 in inverted manner. Score 174 is 84…in inverted form. 1st wkt 03 =84.


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