Women Cricket: West Indies v South Africa Tip

england v south africa womens cricket

The match score and match result prediction for the Women Cricket England v South Africa. The English women will face South africans in this ODI encounter today. Enjoy the tips-

1st ODI- Eng

first batting weakened by partile sun, mars antiscion, but strengthened by jupiter antiscion, moon, venus antiscion…….strong. second batting lagna [5-45 pm] caught up in similar situation, powerfully affected by moon- good, but sun and mars antiscion, gulikyan antiscion falling on lagna- defects.

India vs Sri Lanka Women ODI

1st ODI- IND

2nd ODI

First batting lagna aspected by jupiter, moon…good, and mars- may weaken things. second batting lagna aspected by venus, but by sun too……..may be weak.


feb 18

Women t20 England vs South Africa

Today’s date thu pattern is 383…………and SA captain Preez……birth date matrix diagonals are 33…and 17….     i.e. 338.

The 8 is sitting between 33 today……that’s weakness [seems so, or may not be].

guess scores-

first batting lagna conjunct moon- good, it is mercury rashi and aspected by sat- weakness. second batting lagna [6-40 pm] in partile degrees with moon, and with antiscion of mercury- may be strong.


Interesting ….data one = 3  and data two = 1

Numerology wise, as hinted earlier….Preez diagonal pattern, 33/17 i.e. 6/8 was misfitting with today’s 383….

Today there is a zero…means double nines….and the first and second wicket batsman’s data came 9-6 = 3,   and 9-8=1

Mathematically also, data one [3] equaling the team score 147=3.

And data two [1] equaling 147/7= 1.  So, first team’s defense strong, their win chance.


feb 19

2nd t20

england vs SA women

today…there is a zero………and 19 [=71] and 21…..[-6] are in correct order to Preez 17, 33……..may create chance.

second batting lagna aspected by sat, gul……..may be good to some extent, or avg.

3rd t20

SA vs england wm

Mathematically, data one matching score 131/4=9……..first team’s defense may be correct. later data negative..

guess scores- 101, 115,  [169].

preez and edwards, birth matrix diagonals 13/37……..and 13/77.   Today’s pattern can have 24 transposed to 42…..creating 41/12=53.  This has the effect of 35 plus 18.

Edwards pattern has resemblance with today’s 351…..[weak], or 531…..ok.  Preez pattern has one more chance……..33/17……   the 33 matching today’s diagonal 24 [42]….and the extra 18 generated and sun 1 turning into 8.   Then ok.

astro hint- first batting lagna affected by moon, sat- good/strong to avg. second batting lagna [3-10 pm] in partile degrees with gulikyan, and sharply aspected by sun- either destructive [bad]…or strong, and by venus- nice.


feb 29

south africa vs west indies women

data one = 56, and target score 236 [mod 90] = 56. first batting team defense mathematically correct, hence win chance.

guess scores- 238, 175

today’s mon=2 may turn into 7 and to matrix total 51, creating 58, then chance for SA.

first batting lagna aspected by sun, sat, moon, venus- either avg, or weak.


mar 6

2nd t20

south africa vs west indies

data one=8, and score =8. Data two=5, And 143/6= 5…….may create correct defense for first batting team. And the target 9…is the doubt point.

guess scores- 127, 157

first batting lagna in sharp degrees with gulikyan- defective, and sat, sun, moon- avg. second batting lagna weakened  by sun, and strongly by moon-good.


mar 9

women SA v WI 3rd t20

du preez destiny 37=53….matching today’ 35 in inverted manner. Today’ zero can turn 35 into 53. A chance do exist.

both, first and second batting lagna aspected/weakened by sun. And moon’s antiscion falling sharply on square of second batting- nice.  [doubt point- venus rashi..good for moon?]



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