World T20 Women All Match Predictions

world t20 women match score results predictions

Here, in this article, you can find the predictions for all the matches to be played in World t20 women, the warm up section beginning from today at Bangalore.

Women t20 is gaining importance, and attention since few years. Australia added the Big bash t20 women to the regular men’ big bash series. Then, international competitions also have been held between South Africa Women, Sri lanka women, West Indies Women, India, Australia Women.

The matches have been exciting, lady players are coming out of their limitations, and their scores are slowly, steadily increasing from 80 range to now 140-150. A women t20 match score had not been that exciting earlier, now it is improving.

ICC has now begun the trend of holding women cricket match along with the schedule on men’s competition. Last year, Australian Big Bash t20 women has been initiated. This year, as a major development, World t20 women matches has been held in India. In this post, you will find the predictions for world t20 women matches, based on numerology, astrology, and mathematics.

world t20 women match predictions

Predictions for world t20 women all matches

Warm up match

mar 10

Women India vs Ireland, Bangalore

first batting lagna partile degrees with mars- weak, and aspected by moon- some relief. second batting lagna sharp degrees with maa, sun’ antiscion- weak, and venus- may be nice.

women sl v bang


mar 11

women nz v eng, Chennai

the ’31’ is in inverted position to NZ team name part 26…….that may create defeat/weakness.

guess scores- 117   [144]

first batting lagna in sharp degrees with maa- defect, and mercury-good. second batting lagna aspected by moon, nice to avg.

Live– score=4, target=5……is itself a mathematically defensive score for first batting team, in general.

mar 12

women ire vs bang

today’ pattern…27..and 8……has the effect of 31 and 8……[48]. Interestingly, rahman’ birth date matrix is 90 – 48= 42. But, her birth date is negative to 4, and her destiny is negative to 8 [sat]. May create major/minor weakness.

ind wmn vs sl wmn


mar 15

women ind vs bang

alam’ destiny 27=77…plus 1=78……..can be fitting in negative manner today, then weakness.

guess scores- 88 [168], 149, 102

first batting lagna in partile degrees with sat- defective, and by moon, mercury- may be strong.


mar 16

pak wmn v wi wmn

today’s matrix turned clockwise 11/96=107………becomes 102……and wed=5 added…again 107, and then 102.   Taylor’s vertical numbers are 12….and zero [18]..

Sana Mir’…destiny 30…….fitting on today’s 64 plus 5=69…….

weakness for both the captains……

guess scores- 108, 117, 141

first batting lagna weakened by saturn, mars antiscion. second batting lagna aspected by moon, venus- either avg, or else defective.


mar 17

wmn bang vs eng

alam’ birth matrix is matching today’ 17 and 20 when her one diagonal 02 is twisted to 20. Generally, creates weakness.

guess scores- 147, [164], 128

mar 19

wmn ind v pak

today’ date 19=71…….and destiny 22……creates a 93 [39]….  and 101 with sat.

guess scores- 129


mar 20

wm bang vs wi

WI……37 is related with 53…….[90-53=37]. Today total is 35  [expandable to 53 because of 24]. Still, there will be a zero. Hence, a possibility for bang.

guess scores- 142


sl vs ire

mar 21

wm aus vs nz

first batting lagna conjunct gulikyan, maa- defective.

mar 22

wm ind vs eng

today pattern is getting solved when 38= 20…….and the extra zero makes changes in two ways- 62=37…and 46=64…..

guess scores-164

first batting lagna lord moon in sun’ house- weakness. second batting lagna conjunct moon, jupiter-powerful, yet aspected by sat, venus- defects.


mar 24

wm aus vs sl

few of the parts of lanning birth matrix is negative to today’ matrix parts like 53 = -28…….., 14=-31.. may create weakness

guess scores- 147

first batting lagna  in partile degrees with gulikyan- weak.


wm bang vs pak

guess scores- 156   [114]

astro hint- first batting lagna conjunct moon, and aspected by sat, venus- strong or else avg. second batting lagna aspected by gulikyan, mercury, sun- typical situation- avg to weak.


mar 26

wm aus vs ire

astro hint- first batting lagna in sharp degrees with maa’s antiscion-weak. second batting lagna conjunct rahu-strong, and aspected by maa-weak.


wm south africa vs new zealand

mar 27

wm ind vs wi

first batting lagna in sharp degrees with moon-venus antiscion- good, or avg. second batting lagna caught up between good, bad……affected by jupiter-venus, gulikyan, maa, moon- may be ok, avg,

wm pak vs eng

mar 28

wm sl vs sa

first batting lagna affected by moon-good.


semi final

wm aus vs eng

The right diagonal today…….10…….when 19 is fitting Edwards [negatively]…17   [90-71=19], and when 98 fitting lanning in a mathematically miraculous manner.

guess scores- 133

astro hint- first batting lagna, sat and mercury in partile degrees- may be strong. maa is in sharp degrees- defect. second batting lagna affected by sun, mars- weak to avg.


mar 31

wm nz vs wi

guess scores- 120  [147]

first batting lagna aspected by moon, mars, but by partile sun too…..defect. second batting lagna aspected by moon, sun- nice to avg.


apr 3

wm wi vs aus

guess scores- 128, 143

first batting lagna aspected by venus, mercury- strong. second batting lagna conjunct rahu, affected by moon-maa pair- powerful…  but conjunct gulikyan- defect.

Data one, two not equal to score/target, defense of first team weak.


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