England V Lanka T20 Match Prediction

england v sri lanka ODI scorecard result prediction by astrology

The prediction for the ODI match between sri lanka and england, to be played at nottingham today. Find the match score, result prediction here…

june 21

1st ODI- Eng

guess scores- 289,  [273/267]

Today’s diagonal is 28….=90-62……..SL name vertical has a 62…but….the other portion doesn’t seem matching…, hence…eng.

astro hint- first batting lagna in sharp degrees with sun-weak, and venus-nice. second batting lagna, too, affected by sun-defect, yet moon antiscion falling sharply on the lagna….nice.


2nd ODI- Eng

Sl name is 6, 12…………but today, it is 6, 21………won’t it matter….the inverted 12?

guess scores- 262

astro hint- first batting lagna strongly affected by saturn, weakness, and venus- strong. second batting lagna strengthened by mercury, weakened by maa.


3rd ODI- SL

today’s vertical number 63………may create chance for SL  [a possibility].

guess scores- 241, 236, 253

astro hint- moon’s antiscion in sharp degrees with first batting lagna- defective, and sun aspecting-nice. second batting lagna weakened by moon, strongly aspected by jupiter-nice.


4th ODI- Eng

may be Eng because today matrix 55= 90-35. Mathews matrix is 35………..but there is no zero in today date matrix.or

guess scores- 306 [309]

astro hint- first batting lagna conjunct ketu antiscion- generally defeat chance.


5th ODI- SL

guess scores- 296, 322

SL numerology is 6/12= 62 and 01.  Today’s total 28………and the zero in 20…..has the effect of 90-28=62.     The other portion 01=82? That’s the doubt……then weakness.

astro hint- first batting lagna in partile degrees with both sun-sat- typical case…may be shaky. And by mercury- nice. second batting lagna in close degrees with moon antiscion-may be good.


T20- Eng

guess scores- 138, 143

Today’s pattern is 269…………  SL name diagonal if is 16, then horizontal is 26…….  Interestingly, 29 needs a 61…….  not 16.    The 12 has to interchange position=21 ……..then only correct patterns….26 [diagonal], and 61 vertical…..[even then, not so good].

first batting lagna jupiter rashi has venus antiscion in square- strong to avg. And lagna conjunct mars antiscion-weak, maa-weak. second batting lagna in partile degrees with jupiter- nice, and sun in square- weakness.


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