Haryana T20 Score And Results Predictions

Inter State T20 Score And Results Predictions

feb 3

kerala v tamil nadu

guess scores- 120

first batting lagna aspected by sun- nice. second batting lagna affected by sun, moon- good, and gulikyan, mars- defects.

fe 4

baroda v maharashtra


guess scores- 119, [172]

two batsmen data are very high, 176, 179………….but the actual score of first team has fallen short of it, hence chase possible.

gujrat  v saurashtra

guess scores- 116, 135

rajasthan v vidharbh

guess scores- 151

Haryana league

feb 9

rohtak v sirsa

guess scores- 172

batsmen data contains 3 and 9………………score 174=3…………….the 9 may create weakness [or not]

first batting lagna affected by jupiter, sat antiscion, sun- good to avg. second batting lagna affected by gulikyan- defect

gurugram v hisar

guess scores- 163


first batting lagna [5-30 pm] affected by mercury antiscion, venus antiscion and gulikyan- avg. second batting lagna [if 7-15 pm] conjunct rahu [generally good], but affected by gulikya antiscion, maa- defects.

feb 10

panchkula v rohtak

Guess scores- 145 [158]

second batting lagna squared by gulikyan – weak

gurugram v kurushetra

first batting lagna conjunct moon- strong, and squared by gulikyan [weakness]……..second batting lagna affected by maa antiscion- slight weakness, sharply affected by venus, mercury- nice.

feb 11

rohtak v hisar

first batting lagna affected by gulikyan- weakness

feb 13

gurugram v sirsira

guess scores- 129, [115]

two batsmen data are close to close 114, 115………….chasing team’ score may end/halt there. batsmen data =9………matching target 126=9……….first batting team’ win chance.

first batting lagna lightly aspected by jupiter- nice. second batting lagna in sharp degrees with venus, mercury- nice and mars- weak.


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