7 Means Increment By 5!

Patterns creates patterns and they go on to create newer patterns – all because of 7? There are so many numbers from 11 too 100 which have a 7 in ending. All these numbers are carrying within themselves -the potential of  ‘increment by 5’.

We know very well that number 7 [ketu] remains in unstable state, it has the tendency of turning into 2 [more than often].

So, the numbers like 27, 57 17 may change their nature…..  have the tinge of 22, 52, 12. Thats the plain concept. BUT, we can’t leave the extra 9 [created because of 7 and 2].

So, 17 becomes 12 and 9.  It is full justice only when we add 9 to the 12. This creates number 21. The original number [17] differs from this new number [21] by 5.

It is always a 5 in all the cases from the numbers ending with 7….  11-100…..    You can check it-

17  = 21                                            57  = 61

27  = 31                                            87  =  91

37  = 41

47  = 51

There are too many problems with 67 and 77…….oops!

NOTE– These dual effects [for example 42 or 51] remain present along with the original effect . The original [47] too shows effect [depends on the particular case].

How to spot which one is showing effect?  There will be a 9 or a 0 with wrong one…. [means the one not suitable for that day.]

It is most clearly visible in case of Cricket matches scores/target……other ordinary things won’t give clear hints.


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