About Us

We are a home based predictive consultation service, Prasant Numerology. We provide ‘predictions’, ‘analysis’ and ‘lucky numbers’ related with general life, sports [especially, cricket matches], movies [Bollywood world] and business [stock market] on payment of specified consultation fees.

Our horoscope and numerological chart analysis make use of the path breaking concepts exclusively discovered by author Prasant Nair.

These days numerology is being extensively used in many ‘attractive’ fields like bank account and mobile numbers, pnr status confirmation, cricket, film titles and business firm names. BUT, the methods being used are mostly outdated and non-scientific.

If we carefully observe any of the date destiny pattern, we observe that it is the ‘mathematical’ concepts and patterns that are shaping the results, rather than the generalized concepts. Our consultation service takes care of those ‘intricate’ patterns/concepts.

Our aim is to acquaint the mass, the Bollywood, the sports persons and others with the ‘exciting’ mathematical part of astro-numerology. Astrology and Numerology is more about numbers and numbers alone.

6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. greetings prasant sir i appreciate for your knowledge and work .
    I am software engineer i need a website name pls contact me for my query i am ready to pay tour fees

  2. Dear sir,

    I need a help from u, i have three names and i am confused which one to choose.
    My DOB is 22-3-1978. As on consulting numerologist they have chosen a name numerology in no 42. i have 2 names in no 42 and one name in 33. My serious doubt is choosing name in 24-33-42 should have same effect or else posses different effect. Please help me. Waiting for your valuable reply.

    Thanks in advance.

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